Trump Campaign: Illegal Aliens ‘Attacking the Wages’ of Americans

President Donald Trump’s campaign is clearing the way for Republicans to speak about how Americans are suffering huge pocketbook damage from the Democratic Party’s pro-migrant policies and the low wages those policies cause.

The populist attack on migration was buried deep in a Washington Post article touting the claimed benefits of Biden’s high-migration, low-wage economic policy:

In a statement, the Trump campaign said President Biden is “flooding America’s labor pool with millions of low-wage illegal migrants who are directly attacking the wages and opportunities of hard-working Americans.” Spokeswoman Karoline Leavitt said Biden’s policies of issuing migrants work permits while their requests for legal residency are pending “is especially devastating to African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and union workers who are forced to watch their jobs and public resources stolen by people who Joe Biden should never have allowed into our country.”

The statement is a populist door-opener for many Republican candidates and campaign committees who want to use kitchen-table pocketbook pitches to the many swing voters who prefer to downplay the chaos and crime of illegal migration.

So far, nearly all GOP candidates have avoided those populist pitches amid business support for the continued inflow of taxpayer-aided consumers, apartment-sharing renters, and wage-cutting workers.

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