Nolte: CNNLOL’s Pro-Biden Debate Rules Backfired Spectacularly

CNN, a far-left propaganda outlet that spreads conspiracy theories and violence, thought it had rigged Thursday night’s presidential debate in His Fraudulency Joe Biden’s favor. Watching it backfire in their smug faces was a true thing of beauty.

Remember, it was painfully obvious, as my colleague Wendell Husebo noted, that almost all the debate rules were intended to benefit President Sundowning:

  • Two commercial breaks (Likely to benefit Biden)
  • Campaign staff will not be able to interact with their candidate during the break
  • No opening statements, two-minute closing statements
  • Two-minute answer shot clock, one minute for rebuttals
  • Mics will be muted “except for the candidate whose turn it is to speak” (Likely to benefit Biden)

Further, and this was a huge mistake on CNN’s part, there was no studio audience.

Man alive, these people are dumb.

While everyone is (understandably) talking about how Biden lost last night’s debate by proving he should be in Memory Care and not the Oval Office, what’s even more important is that former President Trump won last night’s debate.

Presidential debates are won and lost based on what a candidate needs to do.

Biden needed to prove he was strong, fit, and sharp. But all he did was prove that the corporate media have been lying to us about his fitness for last four years (but we already knew that).

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