Nolte: 9-0 Decision Proves the Corporate Media Liars … Again

If you’re shocked by Monday’s utterly predictable nine-to-zero Supreme Court decision, you must be one of the few remaining morons who believe the corporate media.

The very idea that the Supreme Court would allow the states to remove a presidential candidate from the state ballot was pure hopium being pumped by a corporate media that knew better but didn’t care. These liars only care about one thing: cynically hooking as many suckers, gulls, and dummies as possible.

Even the idea it would be a six-to-three decision was insane. Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor, and Ketanji Brown Jackson might be far-left extremists, but they can look down the road and see where this chaos would lead. If a judge, bureaucrat, or whomever could remove a presidential candidate from a state ballot…Where would that kind of insanity end? Candidates of both parties would be removed all over the nation. Talk about democracy being dead.

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