Joe Biden Makes Another Gaffe in White House Address, Reads ‘End of Quote’ from Teleprompter

President Joe Biden spoke from the White House about the Supreme Court’s presidential immunity ruling on Monday but not without committing a gaffe.

The gaffe comes after Biden took an incredible amount of criticism for his gaffe-ridden debate performance on Thursday.

After quoting a Supreme Court justice during his speech, Biden gaffed, “end of quote,” instead of pausing to indicate he finished delivering the quote.

It is not the first time Biden has read the “end of quote” bit off a teleprompter.

He also refused to take questions from the press as he left the podium.

Biden’s speech about the Court’s ruling came just days after his terrible debate performance. Political experts said the speech was intended to change the media cycle from his debate performance to the Court’s decision.

Biden, however, sparked mockery because he appeared to be wearing makeup that made him look orange, a color associated with former President Donald Trump’s iconic television career.

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