Illegal Alien MS-13 Gang Member, Wanted for Murder, Found Living in South Carolina

An illegal alien MS-13 gang member, wanted for murder, has since been found living in Berkeley County, South Carolina.

Elmer Neftali Martinez-Escobar, a 31-year-old illegal alien from El Salvador, was arrested on June 29 and charged with simple possession of marijuana following a traffic stop in Berkeley County.

According to police, Martinez-Escobar was pulled over by a sheriff’s deputy, who said he reeked of marijuana.

After admitting to having marijuana in his possession, the deputy ran Martinez-Escobar’s name through the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database and discovered he was a member of the MS-13 gang and was wanted for murder in his native El Salvador.

The deputy found eight grams of marijuana in Martinez-Escobar’s possession and arrested him. Following his being booked into Hill-Finklea Detention Center, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents took Martinez-Escobar into their custody.

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