Exclusive — Trump Advisor Lynne Patton: Black Voters Are Moving to Trump

Black voters are moving to Donald Trump, senior advisor to the former president Lynne Patton said during an interview on Breitbart News Saturday, explaining that the bottom line is something everyone can see: “Everything was better with Trump.”

Patton discussed the changing attitudes of voters across the country, who have seen a clear contrast between America under Trump and America under Presiden Joe Biden. Even CNN recently updated its electoral map, projecting a Trump victory with at least 272 electoral votes.

Patton, who goes back with the Trump family over a decade, working for the Trump Organization — moving from personal assistant primarily for Eric Trump, running their charity, becoming what she described almost as a “chief of staff so to speak” for Don, Eric, and Ivanka, and going to Housing and Urban Development (HUD) under Trump — explained that there “100 percent” are demographic shifts in favor of Trump.

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