Donald Trump Wins Missouri Republican Caucus

 Former President Donald Trump has won the Missouri Republican Caucus over former Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC).

The Associated Press called the caucus for Trump at 12:40 p.m. Eastern. As of 2:05 p.m., Trump had secured 100 percent of the 247 votes cast by statewide delegates, while Haley had not procured a vote from one of the more than 900 statewide delegates, according to the AP.

Missouri carries with it 54 national delegates, and the caucuses on Saturday kick off the allocation process, as the Associated Press notes:

Fifty-one of them are awarded to candidates through a monthslong process that begins Saturday. Eleven delegates will be awarded to candidates at the statewide level, while five delegates will be awarded from each of Missouri’s eight congressional districts. That’s a combined total of 51 delegates at stake in what’s known as a “caucus-convention” system. The remaining three delegates are the state party chairman and Missouri’s Republican national committeeman and committeewoman, who may support any candidate they wish regardless of caucus results.

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