VIDEO: Dem Rep. Suozzi: Biden Should Take ‘Unilateral Action’ on ‘This Open Border’ That He Ignored for a While

On Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “OutFront,” Rep. Tom Suozzi (D-NY) said he wants President Joe Biden to “take some unilateral action” on “this open border” and stated that “the President has started addressing it much more. He talked about it in the beginning of his administration.”

Host Erin Burnett asked, “Congressman, we’ve got a new Axios poll tonight that finds 42% of Latino adults in America support a wall or a fence on the U.S.-Mexico border, and that is not just maybe larger than many listening may expect, it is also up twelve points in the past three years. Should President Biden be hearing this as a blaring wake-up call?”

Read the entire article here

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