Data: Joe Biden Faces Serious Threat from Donald Trump Gaining Latino Voters

Data shows that President Joe Biden faces a serious threat from Latino voters abandoning him in favor of former President Donald Trump.

“I need you badly,” Biden told Mexican restaurant patrons in March in Phoenix. “I need the help. You’re the reason why, in large part, I beat Donald Trump.”

Latino men are the reason why the “key” demographic is increasingly supporting Trump, the Hill’s Amie Parnes acknowledged Wednesday.

Biden’s support among Latinos shrunk by 12 points (53-41 percent) since he assumed office, Axios/Ipsos polling found in April. Trump’s support increased eight points during the same period to 32 percent.

In addition, Biden only holds 50 percent support among Latinos, while Trump’s support has grown to 41 percent, a high number for any Republican, a New York Times/Siena College poll found.

“Most noteworthy is that Biden has fallen,” Chris Jackson, senior vice president of public affairs at Ipsos, told the Hill. “And that’s the real story.”

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