Colorado Activists Say They Have Enough Signatures for Abortion Ballot Measure

Left-wing activists in Colorado said they have gathered enough signatures to place abortion on the ballot in November.

Coloradans for Protecting Reproductive Freedom said its volunteers gathered more than 225,000 signatures and met the district requirements, as well,” CBS News reported.

In order to successfully place a measure on the ballot, petitioners must gather 124,238 signatures from voters, which must include 2 percent of total registered voters in each of Colorado’s 35 Senate districts, according to the secretary of state’s office. The measure would need the support of 55 percent of voters to pass.

Abortion is currently legal in Colorado throughout pregnancy. The constitutional amendment would ultimately enshrine the right to unlimited abortion in the state constitution, and would also override a 1984 measure which prohibits health insurance from covering abortions for public employees and those on public insurance.

“The right to abortion is hereby recognized. Government shall not deny, impede, or discriminate against the exercise of that right, including prohibiting health insurance coverage for abortion,” the proposed measure reads.

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