CNN Touts Debate Rules; Muted Mics at Biden’s Request

CNN is touting the rules for Thursday night’s debate between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden, showing how the microphones will work, with one candidate’s mic muted as the other is speaking, per Biden’s direct request.

CNN had a segment on Wednesday showcasing how the microphones will work during the debate. Each candidate has two green lights, and when they are on, it signals to the candidate that his microphone is on and ready to go. When they are off, the microphone is off.

CNN demonstrated what it will look like when one candidate tries to talk over the other, making the interruptions of the other “difficult to understand.”

The New York Times revealed that the muted mics were “another Biden request, intended to guard against Mr. Trump’s penchant for interrupting and speaking over debate opponents.”

That is not the only Biden request. As was previously reported, there will be no live audience at this debate. This is also a request from the Biden campaign, as it made it clear the 81-year-old is not interested in dealing with reactions from a live audience.

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