Alvin Bragg Asks for 30-Day Delay in Trump Trial in New York

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg asked a trial court in New York to postpone the criminal trial of former President Donald Trump by 30 days. Trump faces prosecution for allegedly falsifying business records.

Trump’s attorneys had sought a 90-day postponement to consider new documents that had only been handed over recently by federal prosecutors. Bragg offered a 30-day postponement instead.

The New York Times reported:

The Manhattan district attorney’s office, which accused Mr. Trump of covering up a sex scandal during and after the 2016 presidential campaign, said the delay would give Mr. Trump’s lawyers time to review a new batch of records. The office sought the records more than a year ago, but only recently received them from federal prosecutors, who years ago investigated the hush-money payments at the center of the case.

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