Adam Kinzinger Appears to Regret Biden Endorsement After Disastrous Debate

Former Rep. Adam Kinzinger appeared to regret his very-recent endorsement of President Joe Biden, after the latter’s abysmal performance during the first 2024 presidential debate.

On Wednesday, Kinzinger released a statement endorsing Biden.

But on Friday, as the Washington Examiner’s Byron York noted on X, Kinzinger was re-posting calls for Biden to step down as his party’s presidential candidate:

Former Rep. Kinzinger rolled out his Biden endorsement on Thursday morning. On Friday morning, he was retweeting calls for Biden to step down.

Kinzinger reposted NewsBusters CEO Curtis Houck, who posted a video clip and transcript of MSNBC show host Joe Scarborough suggesting that Biden step aside. Scarborough said:

I think we have to ask the same questions of him that we have asked of Donald Trump since 2016. And that is, if he were CEO and he turned in a performance like that, would any corporation in America, any Fortune 500 corporation in America keep him on as CEO?”

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